Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions.

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Where can I find the shipping dates?

The shipping dates can be found on the cart page once you've added the item to your basket. The shipping dates will be listed under each style. 


If the shoe says "1 available now" then the shoe is in stock and will ship out ASAP. If the shoe says "1 will be available between xx/xx/21 and xx/xx/21" that means your shoe is not currently at our warehouse and will ship sometime between the listed dates. 

 How do I place an order for a shoe without paying until it ships?

If the delivery date listed is for sometime in the future you can still submit your order without having to pay at checkout.

To do so proceed to checkout as you typically would. Fill in steps 1-3 as normal (the bill-to, ship-to and shipping method). Once you get to step 4, payment, there will be an options called "(p) have someone call me for credit card information". Select this option and you will be able to by pass the credit card section for the time being and your order will be placed. 

As the name suggests someone will then call you close to the shipping dates to collect your credit card info.  


Where can I find my Tracking Number?

We are currently working on synchronizing the tracking number feature. For the time being if you would like to inquire about a tracking number please submit a contact request below, or call us at (305) 325-9000

My order status online says "completed" - Does this mean my shoes have shipped?

Sadly no :( 

The "completed" status only verifies that your order has been successfully sent and received by our system. When the shoes will actually ship depends on the delivery date listed at checkout.

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